Saturday, October 2, 2010

SORRY! I've been busy...

Sorry you guys, I've been working on something really cool!

I've been working on some little details to put on my header--Once I actually figure out the layout.

But check this out.

I spent ALL night last night working on these. It was worth it :)

So... Yea. That's all the news I've got, except I sort of "doodled" a picture of what I'm supposed to look like. (note, I made myself the Avatar for my second fanfic. Which reminds me! I'm still sort of procrastinating on that super duper awesome fanfic of The Headband!)
So... Yea. I guess that's it. I'd better be working on my fanfic now!

~♥Li Rong The Creative Waterbender♥~

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