Saturday, October 2, 2010

SORRY! I've been busy...

Sorry you guys, I've been working on something really cool!

I've been working on some little details to put on my header--Once I actually figure out the layout.

But check this out.

I spent ALL night last night working on these. It was worth it :)

So... Yea. That's all the news I've got, except I sort of "doodled" a picture of what I'm supposed to look like. (note, I made myself the Avatar for my second fanfic. Which reminds me! I'm still sort of procrastinating on that super duper awesome fanfic of The Headband!)
So... Yea. I guess that's it. I'd better be working on my fanfic now!

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Friday, September 10, 2010


Yes, the things we always use if we can't remember that one character's name that had a crush on Aang, that episode where Zuko has a gazillion flashbacks, or even what a platypus bear looks like.

I happen to know a lot of these. They can be really useful for info, media, fan related stuff, etc.

So, usually, there are fan wikis for everything... Wizard101, The Sims, even The Muppets! Well, that whole collection wouldn't be complete with an A:TLA wiki!

Here, you can find loads and loads of super useful info. Every episode, every character, creature, city, videogame, and the list goes on. This is my favorite A:TLA reference site of all time, it's so surprising how much information you can find here!

(note: some people here can be really rude with comments. just a little warning...)

Now, you wanna know where I always get all the nifty screenshots from?

It's the other very handy website of AVATARSPIRIT.NET!

Forums, info, and media. Wow. Perfect useful combo! The screenshots are so useful on this blog, and the information isn't half bad. There are even some brief audio pieces. I love this website so much, mostly because of the nifty screens. But anyway...

As you could probably guess, the link is Well, it actually turns into So if you're too lazy to type that into the address bar in a new window/tab, then here.

Ok, that site is handy, but there are other sites that are pretty good too!

I'm sure you'll come across the link to this one on AvatarSpirit. But just in case you don't see, then I'll tell you...

It's Distant Horizon!

Wow, this site is awesome. They have Info, some images such as desktops and screenshots, extra stuff like competitions and forums, even other links! Niftiest of all, they have these super awesome sprites.

What are those you may ask? They're these cute little pixel characters, and I can show one to you right now!

Yes, the infamous cabbage merchant. You've gotta love cabbage dude.

So, yea, credit for that little thing goes to Distant Horizon's sprites, and you can visit Distant Horizon by clicking here:

Thanks to this site, I don't need to explain anymore links. Their links section will have almost every link known to A:TLA history. xD

So, yea, you're covered now. Enjoy these sites!

Now, before I go and work on the fanfic, I might as well show you a super cool Zuko screenshot!

Credit for the screenshot goes to

XD I love that expression so much. Lolz.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I need YOUR feedback!

Calling all fellow A:TLA fans!

Do you love reading A:TLA fanfiction?

Well, if so, I want you to read part one of my new fanfic: The Headband and the Farmgirl. It's a messed up version of the Headband. It features mainly Katara, Aang, On Ji (the original The Headband), and Hide, from that episode too.

Small spoiler: Hide is going to be a very horrible person in the story.

EEEEEEEE I can't wait!

So remember, read part one and tell me how you think it's going to turn out!

(note: This isn't all cheesy romance like all that other stuff. It's that AND super awesome adventure. This is just introducing the romance part, I promise you, I WILL start the whole dangerous thing in the next part.)

Now bye bye, gotta go practice my "Waterbending." xD

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Monday, September 6, 2010

My first fanfiction. :D SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!

Well, for A:TLA at least. It came to me in a dream last night actually, lolz.

I was dreaming I was reading a book version (yes, a book version) of a very epic part of A:TLA which was a totally messed up version of "The Headband."

That little spoiler will be deleted when I wake up, so if you don't see any info about my fanfic up there, you're too late :) But also, I may add a change or two. Maybe the gang will come back and destroy the village, maybe On ji will end up being the one dying. Idk.

So, right now, I'm working on my first chapter of my first fanfic. I bet it's not going to be so good, it's a pretty weird and distorted version of The Headband. Idk if it'll be the beginning of the Kataang relationship or not in my version, but hey, I'm working on it!

Whenever I have a great idea for a story, I usually fall asleep thinking up ideas for that story in my head.

This will probably be one of them. xD

It will be called...


The Headband and the Farm Girl?

Yea, that sounds good!

If you have any suggestions for the title or anything, just leave a comment.

Till next time,

~♥The Creative Waterbender♥~

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Everyone has an opinion...

Post #2. Thought I might as well talk about one of the most highly debated things in A:TLA.


Yes, everyone is a Tokka, Zutara, Kataang, Sukka, Maiko, Yukka, Zukka (uh... xD), or even Zukaang (this is getting so totally awkward xD) fan!

Well, I will share my opinion on these couples.

Tokka: (toph+sokka)

Yes, it's true, I once believed in Tokka. Then I realized a few eps later that Suki and Sokka were a couple. Heck, I wouldn't change that couple, they were perfect for each other :D But still, I believe Toph should have ended up with someone, and she seemed to have a little crush on him in "Sokka's Master" in book 3. I think that was when fans--and even me--thought there may be a "Tokka." I'm still neutral about Tokka and Sukka.


Probably one of the best matched A:TLA couples I can think of. Heck, I knew from the beginning of the Kyoshi Island episode that they would be together! I mean really, usually the guy and girl who despise each other end up being a couple. (random example: Courtney and Duncan from Total Drama Island/Action/World Tour) Though I have to say, unlike Sokka, I really preferred Suki without the face makeup. But as I stated previously, I think Tokka was a little bit of a maybe... Idk.


Well... This one, I'm not so sure I liked. As I stated previously, AGAIN, Suki and Sokka were meant to be in the beginning. Yuekka may have had a chance though--If Yue hadn't sacrificed herself to become the moon. After all, there were about two Yuekka kisses. Also, random insert here AGAIN, but I think Yue looks prettier as a spirit. Anyway, Yuekka is a little bit arguable. It was so much like a true Romeo and Juliet-ish story. Yue and Sokka love each other, but Yue has to get engaged to another man for her tribe in an arranged marriage. They're still secretly in love but try to avoid it. In the end, after she dies, she appears to Sokka as a spirit and they kiss. It's so romantic and emotional, but Yue is, well, DEAD. So there's no possible way there could ever be a Yuekka. (Unless Hei Bai takes Sokka into the Spirit World again if he splits up with Suki... But that will never happen, obviously. xD)


Um... No opinion on this at all...


... *has strange look on face*

On Jaang:(on ji+aang)

I bet you're probably thinking "..? What the heck is ON JAANG?" Remember On Ji from "The Headband?" Some people are fans of On Jaang, because, you know, there was a little bit of tension and stuff. I'm truly not a believer of On Jaang. I mean really, she's a fire nation girl and he's the Avatar. Well, there's nothing wrong with Fire Nation people (well, nothing wrong with most of them in that time period) but what if she was one of those people who was on Ozai's side, wanting to capture the Avatar? So personally, I think On Jaang probably never was, because they only knew each other for a few days and they weren't exactly the best match...

Now, what you've all been waiting for.

Everyone always argues about four of these.

Katara and Aang have to end up with SOMEONE! So does Zuko, of course, even though he's kind of emo... But anyway, it's the biggest one that everyone always argues about.


Yes, it's what everyone debates over. And I personally prefer...


Seriously though, it was love at first sight! Did you see how Katara and Aang stared at each other when Aang was freed from the Iceberg? And there were some major Kataang episodes, like "The Fortuneteller," "Nightmares and Daydreams," "The Day of Black Sun: Part 1," "Sozin's Comet: Avatar Aang," "The Headband," "The Crossroads of Destiny," and probably a LOT more. I have to say though, my favorite moment for Kataang wasn't the final kiss, it was close to the end of the Crossroads of Destiny. It's so dramatic... Aang is pretty much dead, and tears just start streaming down Katara's cheeks! All she can concentrate on is healing Aang. And then the best part is when they're riding Appa... Katara takes out the spirit water she ALMOST ALMOST ALMOST ALMOST Used on Zuko's stinkin' scar. And then she heals him, but she thinks it doesn't work, then he just magically comes back to life! I just love that moment so much... So as you all can see, I am a pure, 100% Kataang fan and will NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER be a Zutara fan. Zutarians sound like an alien species!

Zutara:(zuko+katara, ewwness)

It actually makes me wanna vomit thinking of ZUTARA. Zuko and Katara are just friends! I mean SURE Zuko risked his life to save Katara about three times, and SURE he went on a trip to try and get revenge on the man who killed her mother, and SURE in my fave episode The Crossroads of Destiny they began to trust each other! BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN ZUTARA'S GONNA HAPPEN! Look, in all, I am 0% Zutarian. Got it? Good.


Ah, yes, finally a couple that makes so much sense. Ever since "Zuko Alone" some people started to consider slight Maiko, then in Book 3, Maiko was real. It makes sense, put two super glum and strange people together and they become happy! xD So, even though this one is really short, I think we ALL know that Maiko is definitely a couple that makes so much sense.


another little "almost" couple...


Well... I wouldn't exactly say I believed in it very much. I knew Jet couldn't have ended up with the girl Aang loved in the end. I mean, after all, he did die at Lake Laogai. But some people are Jetara fans, and I think it was sort of a maybe at first. That little romantic moment thing when they were riding the cable up to the treetops was a little bit too romancy for me, lolz, but maybe it could have had a chance. But then Katara hated him, attacked him in Ba Sing Se, and then he died. Kinda like Yuekka. Both died so it never happened in the end, they just moved on to someone else.

My fave Kataang pics put together in an animated pic: (or two)(maybe three)(idk)

My fave: (though it's a little bit fast)

And the Kataang final kiss:

Much better speed, though it could be faster.

Credits to the pics go to AvatarSpirit.Net. Visit for info on voice actors, screenshots, news, and much more!

Enough Kataangness for the day! (or night, I guess. it's like, 3 in the morning here lolz)

So, until next time,

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Creative Waterbender

Hello everyone! After a while of preparation, I've finally finished creating my blog.

Who am I? Most know of me as Alia LotusPetal on Wizard101. But now, on this blog, my name is just The Creative Waterbender.

Well, for now, first posts usually being short usually, I'll end this thing with a really sweet picture of Appa and Momo... It makes me go "AWW" every time I see it.

Episode: Tales of Ba Sing Se. Website: Avatar

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